Let’s Make Wine Anytime! Using Frozen Grape Must!

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If you, or someone you know, ever wanted to make wine… now is the time! Grapes N’ Barrels makes it easy for you to get started. We make wines all year long!

Our winter winemaking program entails three 2-hour activities. The program is designed to be informative, interactive, and fun.

Premium quality frozen grape must’ will be used to craft your special varietal or blend. The grape must is comprised of freshly picked and crushed wine grapes that are “flash-frozen” within six hours, thus preserving the quality and chemistry of the grapes. The ‘grape must’ has been described as superb due to weather conditions during the 2014 growing season. In short: Great grapes produce great wine!

Let us guide you through the essential steps for making your own special 2015 red wine. Depending on the availability, some varietals we may include are: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Zinfandel. Of course, we may also decide to make a red blend such as a Bordeaux.

During the first session: You will learn about the art and science of making wine, the advantages of using ‘frozen grape must’ to make wine, wine analytics, and prepare the grape must for primary fermentation. Fermentation lasts about 10-14 days… and entails the natural process of converting sugar to alcohol. After primary fermentation, your second session (two weeks later) will be focused on ‘pressing’ the grape must to assure we ‘squeeze-out’ every drop of wine we can. The wine is then placed in an American Oak Barrel for aging. In about 8 months, at your third session, you will bottle and label your very own artisan, private label wine. You can enjoy your wine when celebrating life’s special moments with those near and dear. And remember, no gift will be more appreciated than the wine you hand-crafted for that special someone, client, or loved one …for any occasion.

Join the fun at Grapes N Barrels… gather friends, family, co-workers to make wine. You’re welcome to bring snacks, your favorite wine, and have a festive and memorable winemaking experience. Salute!

Price of only $350.00 For Two Participants

…for a truly educational, hands-on winemaking experience … PLUS… You will craft and take home ‘1 Case’ (12 Bottles for two people) of your special wine. [After wine-aging of about 8 months is completed]. Additional cases are available for $175.00 per case!

Have a large group of family members, friends and co-workers who want to make wine? Please ask about our 2015 Barrel Quantity Programs: Reserve the winery exclusively for your group! 

If you prefer to make your wine from fresh grapes, Our Chilean Winemaking Sessions are planned for mid-May through June. Call 732.851.6800 for reservations.

Required: Must be 21 years of age. Note: Sessions are scheduled based on a minimum class size of 12 participants. Sessions are subject to availability and some limitations may apply.