Wine ClarityGrapes N’ Barrels is in the business of delivering an informative, highly interactive, enjoyable and memorable, winemaking adventure.

While our focus is on the primary goal of guiding you to the final winemaking destination, that of your own finished quality wine, our pricing is based on the choices and path you take on the exciting journey there.

Our value is not be based on the cost of a bottle of wine, but rather is found in the Grapes N’ Barrels overall winemaking experience and what you can proudly call your very own artisan wine.

Let us customize a winemaking package for you!  If you want to make wine…we’ll find a way to make it affordable for you! Call us for pricing.

Pricing Overview

Our pricing is based on:

  1. Type of wine selected
  2. Regional grape harvests and market factors
  3. Choice of using fresh grapes, frozen grapes or juice
  4. The quality of the wine desired
  5. Wine aging options
  6. ‘Special’ client requests: AVA or named vineyard produce, materials, bottles, aging vessels, labels, packaging, etc.

What’s Included

  • Choose from fresh grapes, frozen grapes, fresh or frozen juices
  • Use of facility for social gathering of friends, family, co-workers during winemaking process
  • Utilization of state-of-the art winery equipment
  • Fermentation and wine stabilization materials and supplies
  • Bottles, corks, decorative caps, GN’B labels [Custom labels additional]
  • Aging equipment: Barrels, stainless steel tanks, demijohns
  • Technical oversight and wine monitoring


Terms are 50% due upon registration and 50% due at first winemaking session

Gift Certificates

Grapes N’ Barrels offers Gift Certificates tailored to fit your needs. Call to order.

Grapes N’ Barrels Price Factoring Guide*

$ $$ $$$ $$$$
Wine Type Popular Varietal Checkmark
Popular Blends Checkmark
Special Varietals Checkmark
Special Blends Checkmark
Wine Region Chile Checkmark
California Checkmark
Italy Checkmark
Wine Method Juice Checkmark
Fresh Checkmark
Frozen Checkmark
Wine Quantity Case (12 Bottles) Checkmark
1/4 Barrel (60 Bottles) Checkmark
1/2 Barrel (120 Bottles) Checkmark
Barrel (240 Bottles) Checkmark
Wine Aging 4-6 Months Checkmark
8 Months Checkmark
12 Months Checkmark
18-24 Months Checkmark
$ = Least Expensive  $$$=More Expensive

* The Price Factoring Guide is intended to provide insight into variables that affect winemaking price. It serves to guide your choices to arrive at the winemaking package that best fits your overall requirements.

Example: A popular varietal (single grape) like a Merlot or Chardonnay, using wine grape juice from Chile, made in a barrel (240 bottles) quantity, and aged for 4-6 months in an oak barrel or stainless steel, is a very economical choice.

Example: A special wine such as a Nebbilo or Super Tuscan, using Italian frozen grape must, made in a one-half barrel (120 bottles) quantity, and aged for 18 months in an oak barrel, will produce a very high quality premium wine of good value… but, it is a more expensive route to take.


Specials, Discounts and Introductory Pricing

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Grapes N’ Barrels continuously searches for supplier discount offers. Sometimes abundant wine grape harvests and/or market conditions result in extraordinary “special buy” opportunities at low-cost, high-value. We pass our cost savings directly to you in the form of winemaking “specials” and “discounts”. To stay informed of these great winemaking savings as they arise, sign-up for our GN’B Email Alerts/Notifications.

We also understand the individual or group with keen interest but limited knowledge of winemaking may not be ready to invest in a large quantity of wine. Grapes N’ Barrels offers a variety of reasonably priced ‘Introductory Winemaking Sessions’ designed to explore winemaking at minimal cost. Our aim is to make winemaking available and affordable for all. To be notified about all of our introductory sessions and pricing, sign-up for our GN’B Email Alerts/Notifications.

Remember too, Grapes N’ Barrels Winemaking Sessions make a unique gift. Gift certificates are available and are tailored to your needs. Call us for more details.