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Get a 10% Discount on All Barrel Quantities


Using Premium, High Quality Frozen Grape Must* 

¼ Barrel (60 Bottles) @ $995          NOW  $ 895.

½ Barrel (120 Bottles) @ $1795      NOW $1615.

¾ Barrel (180 Bottles) @ $2495      NOW $2245.

Full Barrel (240 Bottles) @ $2995   NOW $2695.

*The frozen grape must is comprised of freshly harvested and crushed wine grapes that are “flash-frozen” within six hours, thus preserving the quality and chemistry of the grapes. The grape must has been described as superb due to weather conditions during the 2014 growing season.

Make Your Wine in Three Easy Two-Hour Sessions

Session I Begin Fermentation: You have selected your wine varietal or blend: Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Shiraz, Zinfandel… or, Red Blends. Frozen Grape Must has been thawed out for about one week. We are now ready to begin fermentation: We need to take measurements such as Specific Gravity, pH, Brix. Then we need to hydrate the specific yeast required for fermentation. Fermentation lasts 10-14 days… and entails the natural process of converting sugar to alcohol. Yes, you will do some wine analytics, learn about wines and winemaking, and experience a sampling of several wines!

Session II Press Grapes: Once we have completed primary fermentation (about two weeks), it is time to press the ‘grape must’ in order to leave behind all skins and seeds …and literally squeeze-out every ounce of wine we can. Every drop of wine is precious to us!  You will then transfer the wine to either glass, stainless steel or oak barrel storage to begin the process of secondary fermentation which will last about 2 to 3 months. Learn how to assess wines and sample several wines!  Note: Wine Racking is handled by GNB Staff as required. Your attendance is optional.

Session III Bottle and Label: At Grapes N’ Barrels, our primary focus is on the quality of the wine produced. The duration of barrel aging is dependent on the type of wine and those special characteristics we seek in the wine. As a general rule of thumb, most artisan wines can be bottled in about 8-10 months. Aging your ‘bottled wine’ is recommended as well, for it too will impact the personality of the wine.  Affix a personalized label to your wine… and enjoy. Salute!


Make the Winery Yours: When you book a ‘barrel quantity’ winemaking session with GNB, the winery is reserved for your group alone. You can make your session a festive winemaking party: Enjoy your favorite foods and wines in the company of friends and family! Winemaking is a great way to ‘get together’ and have a fun time!  No waiting in queue!

Included: Grapes or juices, fermentation materials and additives, use of winery equipment and facility, bottles, corks, decorative caps, GN’B labels [custom labels additional], wine aging and storage containers (barrels, stainless steel tanks, or demijohns). ABC License and Sales Tax extra. PLEASE NOTE: Two winemakers making ¼ barrel quantity share a 25 Gallon American Oak Barrel for wine aging.

Required: Must be 21 years of age. NJ-ABC License application required for all winemakers. GN’B Registration-Order Form completion. Note: Schedule subject to change based on Chilean grape shipment. Limited availability based on number of participants.  Payment: 50% upon order, 50% upon Crushing.  Winter 2015 Winemaking Barrel discounts cannot be combined with any other GN’B promotional offers.


For Individual, Group, Corporate, or Special Event Winemaking

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Special Discount Offer Expires 12.31.14